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The monument unveiling in Lambinowice

At the initiative of the Consulate of the Republic of Serbia in Katowice, headed by an honorary consul in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Warsaw and the municipality Lambinowice Central Museum of Prisoners of War in Lambinowice-Opole, launched in late 2013, a joint campaign to raise funds for the renovation of Serbian memorials for prisoners of war from Word war II, buried in the military cemetery in Lambinowice (killed in the former German concentration camp Lamzdorf). The aim was to carry out the renovation and to have the renovated monument open in mid-2014, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War II.

This is the oldest monument in Lambinowice and the only that dates back during the First World War. It was built in 1917, by Serbian prisoners of war to honor their deceased comrades. According to the official records of the Central Museum, in this cemetery are buried 265 Serbian prisoners of war, which make this monument undoubtedly the most important Serbian military memorial in Poland from The First World War.

The restored monument was officially unveiled on June 25th, by the presence of more than 100 guests - Mayor of Opole, Director of the City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the diplomatic corps, the Catholic and Orthodox churches and citizens of Opole and Lambinowice. During the unveiling ceremony on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Warsaw were present Ambassador Radojko Bogojević, first-consul adviser Mihailo Petkovski and Honorary Consul of Katowice Ranko Tomović.

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The monument unveiling in Lambinowice
Exhibition titled ''Pomerania'' in The Central Museum in Opole